Giraffe Gives Birth to 138-Lb., 6-Foot Baby at California Zoo

Good News Notes:

“On Oct. 5, Masai giraffe mom Hasina gave birth to her fifth calf, a female that weighed in at 138 pounds at birth. The “little” calf is already over six feet and is walking on her own.”

“According to the zoo, Masai giraffes are the largest of the nine subspecies of giraffes and can grow to be 17 feet tall. Masai giraffes arelisted as endangered by the ICUN Red List. Their numbers in the wild have dropped due to habitat loss, illegal hunting, and disease.”

“I am beyond thrilled to welcome this newest giraffe into our herd,” Mike Bona, animal keeper at the L.A. Zoo, said in a statement. “Every Masai giraffe birth is important to this species, especially since they were officially declared endangered earlier this year. I hope every visitor that comes to see our new calf will also learn about their status in the wild and be inspired to help make a difference.”


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