Hey, Quick Question: Is Kanye West Turning Yeezy Into a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Good News Notes:

“In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, West shared about the ways he plans to transform his apparel line Yeezy, too — and from the sound of it, the new direction has a lot to do with sustainability.”

“We’re building farms here, because of the climate and because of the soil, that have hydroponic cotton, wheat, hemp,” West said in the interview, which took place on West’s recently-purchased property in rural Wyoming. “We’re developing our own fabrics and we’re gonna go from ‘seed to sew,’ from farm to table so we can see the entire process… We gotta sustain, right?”

“Still, it’s interesting to note that if West really can carry out these plans, Yeezy will end up checking many of the boxes that popular “ethical” or “sustainable” fashion brands check today — and on a deeper level than many of the designer labels that made headlines this fashion month for their (too often surface-level) nods to sustainability. “

View the whole story here: https://fashionista.com/2019/10/kanye-west-yeezy-sustainable-ethical-fashion

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