Dobnaks give back to St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Good News Notes:

“It all started out as a fun footnote buried deep in the Twins’ game notes, courtesy of an enterprising media relations intern. It has spiraled into what the newly formed Dobnak family hopes can be the start of a meaningful giving relationship.

This holiday season, Randy and Aerial Dobnak are now happily married, recently back from their honeymoon in Saint Lucia and ready for one more cruise before they eventually make their way to Minneapolis for the Twins Winter Caravan, TwinsFest and the Diamond Awards in January. The end of that month will provide another particularly special trip for the newlyweds — to, of all places, Memphis, Tenn.”

“You might recall that the couple decided to take advantage of the publicity by directing interested fans to donate instead to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which has always been important to Aerial Dobnak due to her lifelong desire to be involved with children and her experience with the loss of a friend to cancer during her freshman year of college at Alderson Broaddus University.”

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