Tequila Giant Jose Cuervo Is Helping Reduce Plastic Waste One Agave-Based Straw At A Time

Good News Notes:

“As we near the end of a decade, the race to diminish plastic waste is one that continues to gather steam. Hundreds of bars and restaurants have already ditched plastic straws and other plasticware altogether, and a handful of spirits brands are also stepping up to the plate. Among them is Jose Cuervo, one of the world’s most popular tequila brands.

In early December, the brand announced The Agave Project, a new initiative that seeks to continue “the family company’s longstanding commitment to the land and people of Tequila and Mexico, while harnessing the potential of its lifeblood – the agave plant.”

First up for the initiative is their biodegradable, agave-based straws. The straws are made using upcycled agave fibers and are able to decompose up to 200 times faster than regular plastic.”

View the whole story here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danielleharling/2019/12/27/tequila-giant-jose-cuervo-is-helping-reduce-plastic-waste-one-agave-based-straw-at-a-time/

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