Thailand Starts 2020 With Plastic Bag Ban Across Major Supermarkets

 Good News Notes:

Thailand began 2020 with a ban on single-use plastic bags at major stores, continuing a campaign launched by the government and retailers towards a complete ban in 2021 to reduce plastic waste in the sea.

Public awareness of the risk to animals and the environment from such waste was raised last year in a series of incidents where animals including a deer and a baby dugong were found dead with plastics in their digestive systems.”

“Thailand was ranked at number sixth among the world’s top countries that dump waste into the sea,” Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Varawut Silpa-Archa told reporters after handing out reusable bags to the public. “During the past five months, we were down to the 10th of the rank. Within just five to six months we managed to come down by up to four ranks, thanks to the cooperation of the Thai people.”

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