Air Canada and Alaska Airlines Top Airline Food Health Rating and Earn Nods for Going Green

Good News Notes:

“Air Canada and Alaska Airlines have tied for first position in a survey of airline food health ratings. The study, which has been conducted annually by nutrition and public health advocate Charles Platkin since 2009, rates the catering services of North American airlines on nutritional criteria such as calorie levels and ingredient transparency. For the first time, the investigation also evaluated sodium levels, environmental initiatives and the results from a companion Airline Water Safety survey. 

In tying with Air Canada, Alaska Airlines holds on to the title for two straight years. Before that, Virgin America, which has since been acquired by the Seattle-based airline, held the title for six consecutive years, tying in 2013 and in 2017. Platkin describes Alaska Airlines as “the clear leader in making strides to minimize its environmental impact.” In 2018, it became the first to ditch single-use plastic stir straws and citrus picks, replacing them with sustainable options such as white birch and bamboo. Instead of bottled beer, the airline serves brews in aluminum cans, a lighter, easier to recycle alternative.”

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