George Michael’s sister Melanie donated her share of $128m inheritance to charity before her death on Christmas

Good News Notes:

“George Michael’s late younger sister Melanie Panayiotou’s share of the massive fortune she inherited from her legendary brother will be donated to charity, keeping in tune with the singer’s generosity during his lifetime.

MEAWW previously reported that Melanie Panayiotou, 55, was found dead on Christmas Day, exactly three years after her brother died at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire aged 53.

George had left most of his $128 million fortune to Melanie and his other sister, Yioda, and, according to a source speaking to the  Sun, the former’s share will be donated to charity. The singer had been an active LGBT rights campaigner after coming out as gay in 1998 and was heavily involved in numerous HIV/AIDS charities as well.”

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