Program helps Racine paramedics teach patients ‘how to take care of themselves after that hospital visit’

Good News Notes:

“In 2019, roughly 75% of the 911 calls received by the Racine Fire Department were for medical emergencies, and firefighters expect that to grow. An emerging program within the department is aimed at combating this problem at home.

FOX6 News on Sunday, Jan. 5 caught up with Braiden Moriarity, Racine firefighter/paramedic, as he made home medical visits.

‘The 911 side of things is vastly different than the MIH,’ said Moriarity.

Moriarity is a member of the Racine Fire Department’s ‘Mobile Integrated Health’ division, the team tasked with performing check-ups on people with heart problems who have been identified by area hospitals as in need of extra care at home.”

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