A single father steps up for his son

 Good News Notes:

Bright Beginnings helps children growing up in families experiencing homelessness. It helps the parents, too. I first wrote about Robinson last year. He’s a single parent and was becoming active in a new Bright Beginnings program that brings dads together every Monday to discuss the challenges of fatherhood.

The staff at the school saw how involved Robinson was with his son and with the fatherhood initiative. Robinson had had different jobs over the years — including construction work and delivering newspapers — but wanted something more stable.”

“Bright Beginnings has a two-generation approach to defeating poverty and homelessness. While children learn, parents get support in areas such as entering the workforce, budgeting, enjoying healthy relationships and cooking nutritious meals.”

View the whole story here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/for-this-bright-beginnings-father-and-son-school-work-and-life-intertwine/2020/01/01/14cb9dd4-2c09-11ea-bcd4-24597950008f_story.html

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