Scientists have discovered five new species of songbird in Indonesia

 Good News Notes:

“Five species of songbird and five more subspecies have been discovered by scientists for the first time in mountainous areas of Indonesia.

The newly described bird species, named after the islands where they were discovered, are the Peleng fantail, the Peleng leaf warbler, the Taliabu grasshopper warbler, the Taliabu myzomela and the Taliabu leaf warbler. They are small songbirds characterised by their unique and unusual sounds.

Discovering this many new species in one go from such a small area ‘really is quite astounding’, says Simon Mitchell at the University of Kent, UK, who wasn’t involved with the work. Some of the more colourful species were already known to locals, but others, such as the Taliabu grasshopper warbler, had been missed because they sound more like insects than birds.”

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