The Maryland Zoo Welcomes Another Adorable Baby Chimpanzee

Good News Notes:

“Prepare to have your hearts melted: The Maryland Zoo has confirmed the arrival of a new baby chimp! Mama chimpanzee Raven, 24, gave birth to a baby girlon December 29, 2019. It’s the chimp’s first baby and the most recent addition to the group since the baby chimp Lola  was born last July.

“From all reports, Raven experienced a safe and healthy birth, with zookeepers ensuring an appropriate environment and routine prenatal care for the baby to be delivered successfully. As of right now, both mother and baby are bonding peacefully in a private area in the zoo.”

“Since Raven is a single mother, the zoo plans to have her and the new baby spend quality time with the zoo’s other resident mom Bunny and baby Lola. Mammal Collection and Conservation Manager Erin Cantwell emphasize this bonding period as particularly significant, stating, ‘It is very important for all the troop members to be around young babies so that they learn how to properly interact with them. Our guests will get the joy of watching two young chimps grow up and explore their new world together.'”

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