Leesburg High School Construction Students Celebrate Successes

Good News Notes:

“Leesburg High construction students celebrated with their community Friday at a dry-in ceremony for the house they’ve been building with Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter since the start of the school year.

Dozens of community members and partners attended the dry-in, held in the partially built home at 107 North 12th St. to mark the completion of the home’s outer shell and the beginning of interior work for the students and volunteers. Students took in their work and had a meal in the house, which they have been building since the beginning of the year.”

“One sheet of drywall was set for the celebration as members of the community wrote positive messages on the inside and school district officials including Superintendent Diane Kornegay and board members Stephanie Luke, Bill Mathias and Sandy Gamble drilled the first screws.”

View the whole story here: https://www.dailycommercial.com/news/20200117/leesburg-construction-students-celebrate-successes-at-dry-in-ceremony