Ursinus College Receives $11 Million Dollar Donation For Scholarships

Good News Notes:

Ursinus College has received the largest single gift in its 150-year history — $11 million to support a scholarship program aimed at students from lower- and middle-income families, the school announced Friday.

The gift comes from Philadelphia philanthropists Joan and Will Abele, a 1961 Ursinus graduate, and their family foundation. Selected students will receive $53,000 over four years: $40,000 toward tuition, $2,000 for “start-up” costs such as a laptop or books, $3,000 for internships, summer courses, or academic conferences; and $8,000 in loan forgiveness.”

That won’t cover Ursinus’ full tab, which runs about $66,730 annually, including tuition and room and board. But the scholarship comes on top of other state, federal, and institutional aid that students receive and is designed to bridge the gap that many students face in paying for their education, according to officials at the school in Collegeville, Montgomery County. How much each scholar will still have to pay varies.”

View the whole story here: https://www.inquirer.coUrsinusm/education/ursinus-college-donation-scholarship-will-abele-20200117.html