Robert Downey Jr. is Going Plant-Based for the Planet!

Good News Notes:

“In great news for animals and the planet, Hollywood appears to be going plant-based! At this year’s Golden Globes, the menu was plant-based for environmental reasons. Animal rights and environmental activist, actor Joaquin Phoenix praised the decision and used his acceptance speech as an opportunity to remind everyone about the effects of animal agriculture on the planet. Following the success of the Golden Globes’ environmentally-friendly menu, Critics Choice and SAG Awards decided to do the same!

But these aren’t the only changes going on in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr., beloved actor known for playing Iron Man, recently announced that he’d be launching a footprint coalition this April to clean up the world with Tech. This and his new movie role as the animal loving Dr. Dolittle make perfect sense for the actor to make the decision to  become plant-based!”

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