Good News Notes:

“Back in 2007, the city of Fresno sold a 200-acre parcel of land to Gap, Inc. for $2 as an incentive to build its regional warehouse/distribution center.

On Tuesday, city leaders announced Gap had returned the favor, agreeing to sell the city back a 4.6-acre section of the parcel off Airways Boulevard near Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, on which the city plans to build a new animal shelter.

The sale price for that land will be $1, Mayor Lee Brand told reporters gathered inside city hall Tuesday afternoon for the announcement.

‘We’ve looked at a number of locations, but the Gap [parcel] was the best by far, because it’s centrally located near the airport, and it is far away enough from neighborhoods to avoid traffic and noise issues,’ said Brand, who was flanked by city council members Garry Bredefeld and Esmeralda Soria, each holding their dogs, Coco Bredefeld and Buddy Soria, respectively.”

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