“Isaiah 117 Houses” give kids a place to go while they wait for foster care

Good News Notes:

“The day a child is taken from a home and put into foster care is a day few people ever see. But those who do see it happen say it’s traumatizing to a young mind.

‘Removal day is the most dramatic day they’ll ever walk,’ said Ronda Paulson with the Isaiah 117 House. ‘It doesn’t even matter the situation they’re living in. That’s mom, that’s their home. They don’t want to leave.'”

“Usually the child can’t bring anything from home with them, except what will fit into a trash bag. Then they sit in a Children’s Services office, not knowing what comes next, or where they’ll be sent to live.”

View the whole story here: https://www.wbir.com/article/life/isaiah-117-houses-give-kids-a-place-to-go-while-they-wait-for-foster-care/51-e973b268-98dc-4816-9c5a-a7474521a669

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