12 Ways to Repurpose Old Blankets and Bedding

 Good News Notes:

“One of the parts of having things is that they eventually wear out. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, clothing or bedclothes, we are ultimately left with something that we have to discard. With the world in the state that it’s in, many of us are looking for new ways to avoid creating waste.  Recycling is an option, but repurposing is a much greener option.

Old blankets and used bedding offer a lot of opportunity for repurposing. In short, these are large pieces of fabric, which makes them ideal for crafting. Even for those who aren’t crafters, old blankets and sheets can be reimagined as is and put to useful endeavors.”

View the whole story here: https://www.onegreenplanet.org/lifestyle/repurpose-old-blankets-and-bedding/

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