Craft Brewery Becomes First in Northern California to Capture and Reuse CO2

Good News Notes:

“Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company has become the first craft brewery in Northern California to implement carbon capture technology and reduce their CO2 emissions. Large craft breweries like Sierra Nevada have recovered CO2, a natural waste product of beer fermentation, but this technology was previously too costly for the average craft brewer.

Devil’s Canyon partnered with Earthly Labs to use a plug-and-play carbon capture technology called CiCi, which enables craft breweries to capture up to 100,000 pounds of expended CO2 a year and reuse it to carbonate and package beer.

According to Earthly Labs, half of all CO2 emissions come from small sources in businesses, buildings, and homes, representing an untapped opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And breweries across the nation are starting to push for sustainability.”

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