Meet the Israeli innovation that can put an end to plastic packaging

Good News Notes:

“Plastics are everywhere. Often described as the material of the 21st century, plastics are found in our polyester clothes, our outdoor furniture and our supermarket food containers.

An estimated 360 million tons of plastic were produced globally in 2018, and worldwide consumption continues to grow rapidly. The vast majority of it, more than 90%, ends up in the dump or the natural environment, taking more than 400 years to decompose in our oceans and up to a staggering 1,000 years in landfills.

Combining decades of experience in the packaging and hi-tech industries, Israeli entrepreneurs Joseph Siani and Lior Itai decided to join forces and approach the intimidating challenge of producing an alternative to polluting plastics. They recognized that a silver-bullet solution to the global challenge was simply unfeasible.”

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