A man lost his Sea Doo off the Pasco County coast. He was rescued 12 hours later.

Good News Notes:

“Cole Torrent posted a picture of his lime-green Sea-Doo personal watercraft to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon. For the third time since Monday afternoon, he asked if anyone wanted to join him on the water. But apart from one friend warning about the weather, he didn’t get any response.

The comments started pouring in that night: friends looking for news, pleas for his safety, row after row of prayer-hands emoji. By then, Torrent had been missing for hours.”

View the whole story here: https://www.tampabay.com/news/pasco/2020/02/26/a-pasco-man-lost-his-sea-doo-in-the-gulf-of-mexico-he-was-rescued-12-hours-later/

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