People Are Great!

This is a personal observation that I just had to share.  Today was a tough day for air travel for me.  No one was hurt, nobody was robbed, nothing tragic.  However, after boarding my flight I was left sitting on the plane for 2 hour with my fellow passengers before they finally recommended we get all of our things and head back to the terminal.  After flying in another plane to assure our safety from whatever malady ailed the other plane we finally took off 51/2 hours late.  That’s that, it’s fine because we were safe and got where we needed to go.  My reason for writing this post is that, despite all the delays and circumstances, with over 150 passengers involved I heard not one cross word to the crew.  There were no dramatic rants, no screaming, cursing, crying.  Everyone took everything completely in stride and it gave me such a warm heart and hope for the future of our often divisive species.  Great job humanity!  Keep up the good work!

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  1. Great share,, thank you. Humanity has hope

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