Turtle Back Zoo Welcomes Amur Leopard Baby, Strengthening Population of Endangered Species

Good News Notes:

“A female Amur leopard, named Nadya after the Russian word meaning “filled with hope,” has been born at the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo, whose animal care staff stated that the cub’s birth ‘has great significance because the Amur leopard species is classified as critically endangered’ with an estimated 84 Amur leopards still living in their native habitat.

According to the zoo, Nadya’s mother, Annika, had been under baby watch for months with cameras in her den that has been monitoring the cub closely since her birth. When Annika did not nurse the newborn cub, the veterinarian staff and management at Turtle Back Zoo, in consultation with the Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinator, began hand-rearing Nadya to ensure her health. The cub will remain off exhibit for the time being as she receives around-the-clock care.”

View the whole story here: https://www.tapinto.net/towns/springfield/sections/other-nj-news/articles/turtle-back-zoo-welcomes-amur-leopard-baby-strengthening-population-of-endangered-species-13

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