22-year-old runs from ocean to ocean for Clean Seas

Good News Notes:

“On 26 July 2019, 22-year-old Sam Bencheghib asked the crowd of friends, supporters and media gathered around him, to take two deep breaths as a reminder of the importance that the oceans have in giving life.

Bencheghib was about to embark upon a 3,100-mile run across the United States of America from coast to coast. He planned to average 20 miles per day for six months, running from New York City to Los Angeles. The journey was going to take him across 13 states, through mountains, fields, dirt roads and highways. He would withstand scorching heat at some points, and icy air at others.

For such an enormous task, Bencheghib chose a purpose close to his heart: raising awareness about ocean pollution.”

View the whole story here: https://www.unenvironment.org/news-and-stories/story/22-year-old-runs-ocean-ocean-clean-seas

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