John Krasinski & Some Good News: Actor Creates Uplifting Videos during COVID-19

Good News Notes:

“As the coronavirus outbreak has swept across the U.S., relatively little about daily life has been predictable, much to our chagrin. One notable exception has been the consistent outpouring of video updates from our nation’s horde of celebrities, who have conscripted their social-media followers into playing captive audience to diatribes about the importance of staying home, occasionally set to a tune.

Thankfully, though, not every celebrity has used his fame to demand the rapt attention of viewers, even as the world is standing still. Many have donated to various causes offering relief to the suffering and should be commended for it. But one celebrity in particular deserves praise for using the power of technology not to bring attention to himself but to bring joy and humor to those following along.

A few weeks ago, actor and director John Krasinski created a YouTube show called “Some Good News,” featuring a weekly episode, about 20 minutes long, in which he recounts uplifting stories from around the world and hosts special guests.”

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