Five Finger Death Punch Singer To Donate Hand Sanitizers To Charitable Organizations For Veterans

Good News Notes:

“Moody’s Medicinals, Inc., FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH singer Ivan Moody’s health and wellness innovator specializing in both Cannabidiol (“CBD”) and non-CBD health and wellness products, will donate thousands of its new CBD hand sanitizers to various veteran-led and veteran-serving charities across the country. In addition to the non-profit giveaways, all Moody’s Medicinals customers will receive a Moody’s Medicinals CBD hand sanitizer for free with every new purchase of the new Moody’s Soothies lozenges. All previous Moody’s Medicinals customers who have purchased products via their website will also receive a free CBD hand sanitizer spray. The sanitizers contain the CDC-recommended 70% alcohol ingredient for sanitization and no THC.”

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