“Niagara Falls Grocery Givers” helping neighbors in need

Good News Notes:

“A Niagara Falls couple is helping out their fellow neighbors in need.

Joshua and Erin Albert are Niagara Falls natives. They’ve grown their family there and just welcomed a new baby girl, as the pandemic started.  But they spend their time thinking about others.

‘We’re sitting here during this isolation and quarantine realizing how blessed we are,’ said Erin Albert. ‘How we still have food in our fridge and our bills paid.’

That’s when the couple came up with Facebook page Niagara Falls Grocery Givers. to help those struggling to get food on their tables during these challenging times.”

View the whole story here: https://www.wivb.com/news/niagara-falls-grocery-givers-helping-neighbors-in-need/

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