IndyGo receives PPE donations from former NFL players and ProKel Mobility

Good News Notes:

“IndyGo received boxes of hand sanitizer and 1000 masks as a donation through a partnership between former Indianapolis Colts Hall of Famer Edgerrin James, Super Bowl Champion Reggie Wayne, former NFL player Brant McKinnie and ProKel Mobility CEO Kelly Gonzalez, Jr.

‘People forget about bus operators and public transportation workers that are on the front line every day to get people to doctors, the grocery store and other places,’ said Gonzalez. ‘They come into contact with many people throughout the day and are some of our frontline heroes.’

‘IndyGo serves low-income, elderly, disabled and transit dependent people that rely on us to access employment, services and resources to sustain themselves and their families,’ said Roscoe Brown, executive director of the Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation. ‘To maintain these essential services and protect our operators and riders, it’s important to have the proper protection and these donations will ensure we have the materials available.’”

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