Tiny houses in Kansas City give homeless veterans a place to call home

Good News Notes:

“‘Homeless veteran.’ It’s a stinging coupling of words in a nation that prides itself on the reverence placed on military service. Unfortunately, reverence doesn’t keep out the rain.”

“Enter a community group in Kansas City, Mo., that believes tiny houses will provide thousands of the city’s veterans a home.

More than 37,000 American veterans are homeless, according to the most recent count from the Department of Housing and Human Development. While that number represents a 50-percent drop since 2010, there are still more than 22,000 living in temporary shelters and over 14,000 ‘living in places not meant for human habitation,’ according to the department.”

View the whole story here: https://www.foxnews.com/us/tiny-houses-kansas-city-give-veterans-place-to-call-home

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