After battling addiction and depression, former UW cornerback Walter Bailey arrives at a new beginning

 Good News Notes:

“It was 7 a.m. on April 28, 2010, and the drugs were gone. The liquor was gone. The sun was up, but he couldn’t see it.

He was lying in the darkness in a dope house in Portland, a mile from the childhood home where his parents still lived. The windows were taped over with black garbage bags. There was no electricity. No water. No light. No heat.

On Monday, Bailey called it ‘a dungeon chamber of misery.’ The house was rotting from within.

In retrospect, so was Walter.”

View the whole story here: https:///sports/uw-husky-football/after-battling-addiction-and-depression-former-uw-cornerback-walter-bailey-arrives-at-a-new-beginning/

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