4 chair-based exercises for total-body strength

Good News Notes:

Would you like to get fit while you sit? If you struggle with balance issues or have achy, arthritic joints that make it hard to stand for prolonged periods of time, you will want to find alternative ways to work out safely. This is especially important because being sedentary accelerates muscle atrophy and joint deterioration.

Mobility is essential to your physical and mental health. When your heart rate increases, your body is flooded with oxygen-rich blood that supplies muscles and organs with the nutrients necessary to fully perform their functions. Enhanced circulation also provides a big brain boost that improves mental clarity, decreases depression, and regulates rapid, anxiety-provoking breathing patterns.”

View the whole story here: https://www.inquirer.com/health/wellness/chair-based-exercises-balance-issues-fitness-20200630.html

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