Teenager’s passion saves horses from slaughter

Good News Notes:

Most high school seniors are concerned about a lot of things.  Most of those things, though, are related to their own personal place in the world such as work, college and finishing their high school career.  Haley Becker, however, was thinking about an entirely different range of topics.  

Haley just graduated but earlier in the year she founded HERO Barn.  This is a rescue for horses.  Though Haley has always loved the majestic animals her focus is on those that need help.  Her plan for the rescue is twofold.  She wants to rehabilitate and rehome most of the horses that they take in.  In addition, though, she plans to keep certain horses that she feels will do well with the second part of her plan. 

That is to use them to teach children to ride and interact with the horses.  Specifically, she plans on using her resources to help children who may have depression, chronic illnesses or other conditions.  She believes the interactions with the animals can be therapeutic for these children.

Haley will attend Truman State University in the fall to study agricultural and equine science.  Her plan, though, is to spend her life running her rescue.

View the whole story here: https://www.newspressnow.com/life/teenagers-passion-saves-horses-from-slaughter/article_c8c94f5e-bb27-11ea-8009-a3cdef0f7308.html

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