Unilever Will Put Carbon Footprint Labels on All Its Products

Good News Notes: 

If you count calories, you have it easy; the food producers have to put a label on their products telling you how many there are per serving. The producers have it easy too; there are lots of labs that can do straightforward chemical analyses of the food product in hand.

If you are counting kilos of carbon like I and a few others are trying to do, it is not so easy; there are no labels and you cannot just examine it in a lab. Instead, you have to follow the product back to the farm and to the factory, to where every ingredient is made, and then follow the path from there to the store shelf. It’s daunting.”

View the whole story here: https://www.treehugger.com/unilever-will-put-carbon-footprint-labels-on-all-its-products-5070970

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