Heartwarming pics show world’s rarest gorillas with babies, thrilling wildlife experts

Good News Notes:

A remote camera operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society captured the remarkable photos of the group of rare Cross River gorillas in Nigeria’s Mbe mountains.

The most endangered gorilla subspecies, only around 300 Cross River gorillas are thought to exist, living in an isolated region along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.”

The photos clearly show a number of gorillas of different ages, including infants.

‘It is extremely exciting to see so many young Cross River gorillas – an encouraging indication that these gorillas are now well protected and reproducing successfully, after previous decades of hunting,’ said Inaoyom Imong, director of WCS Nigeria’s Cross River Landscape, in a statement. ‘While hunters in the region may no longer target gorillas, the threat of hunting remains, and we need to continue to improve the effectiveness of our protection efforts.'”

View the whole story here: https://www.foxnews.com/science/heartwarming-pics-worlds-rarest-gorillas-with-babies

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