Donations pour in after single mom’s lost food stamp plight

Good News Notes:

When Nicole Finn blamed the Department of Economic Opportunity for a mistake that cut her weekly food stamps to $16, the News 6 community responded with a wave of generosity.

According to News 6 Make Ends Meet’s partner Addition Financial, 30 viewers offered donations from a few dollars to $500 and in fact, one donation came from a family in Houston, Texas.

Linh Dang, chief development officer for Addition Financial, said the previous record for the number of viewers who donated to a featured family in need was “five or six.”

“They have this warm heart,” Dang said. “People helping people and that’s the best kind of compassion.”

Finn had been waiting for her unemployment benefits for nearly 13 weeks and was forced to wait in free food lines to feed her two children.”

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