Wildlife Watch: Peregrine falcons

Good News Notes:

The work to rehabilitate Vermont’s peregrine falcon population has been largely successful over the last few years, but Vermont Fish & Wildlife officials says the raptors are still having some issues when it comes to nesting.

Snake Mountain is a popular hiking spot in Addison County. It’s also a popular nesting spot for peregrine falcons.

“You can see some perches up there for sure,” says Vermont Fish & Wildlife biologist Doug Morin, as he sets up a spotting scope at the base of the mountain. “What you will observe — and we usually go for a four-hour window — what you will observe is a brief interaction where one bird goes in somewhere and another bird goes out, and you think its that same bird that just went in and came out or was that two different birds. And by seeing a pattern of where they are coming and going from, that’s where you are guessing where your nest is.”

It’s part of the department’s work to monitor the state’s 56 known pairs of falcons, a species that is no longer on the state’s endangered list.”

View the whole story here: https://www.wcax.com/2020/07/21/wildlife-watch-peregrine-falcons/

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