Coventry teen sketches pictures of pets, donates some proceeds to animal shelters

Good News Notes:

A 16-year-old from Coventry is hoping to help local animal shelters.

Riley O’Neill said she knew she wanted to be an artist since the fourth grade.

‘Instead of going to Coventry High School, I decided I wanted to go to Ponaganset High School for visual arts,’ said O’Neill.

Because of COVID, she said she’s been inside a lot since her brother is at high risk.

‘If I wasn’t able to draw, if I didn’t have commissions to do there would be like nothing to do,’ she said. ‘Drawing helps me.’

To make good use of her time she’s been using her talents, and passion for drawing to sketch pictures of people’s pets.

‘Ever since I got a cat, I’ve been pretty into helping animals,’ said O’Neill. ‘Then, I went to a cat café in Connecticut and they worked with local animal shelters and I wanted to do the same.'”

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