Healthy Diet May Lower Relapse Risk After 1st Myelin Attack Signaling MS

Good News Notes:

A ‘prudent’ diet rich in fresh fruit, non-fried fish, whole grains, vegetables, and nuts may lower the likelihood of a relapse in people with a first demyelinating event, a major risk factor for multiple sclerosis (MS), a study in Australia suggests.

While the researchers did not find a strong link between such a healthy diet and conversion from clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) to MS, their findings suggest this diet choice may help to prevent clinical progression.”

Increasing evidence suggests that adopting a healthy diet may lower the risk of MS onset or its progression. However, most studies have focused on specific foods and nutrients, disregarding the potential influence of a person’s total diet, and the food combinations making up meals.

A case-controlled study in almost 700 people, called the  Australian Multi-center Study of Environment and Immune Function or AusImmune study, evaluated the effects of dietary patterns, instead of single foods or nutrients, on the risk of a demyelinating event — which marks myelin damage, a classic first MS symptom.”

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