Stranger takes the only picture of couple getting married on Brooklyn Bridge

Good News Notes:

Newlyweds have been sent stunning photographs of their sunset wedding  – after a stranger took pictures and tracked them down on Twitter.

Nevona Friedman, 26, captured the moment the couple exchanged vows with no witnesses on Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday evening.

She was on a stroll with her boyfriend at around 8pm when she realized the couple did not have a wedding photographer, reported the New York Post.

‘I realized there was no one else there — no family watching or photographer. I really can’t imagine getting married with no photos.’

Ms Friedman lined up the perfect shot, showing the couple staring into each others’ eyes in front of a stunning orange skyline.

She later posted it online with the caption: ‘If you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I’ve got some photos for you!'”

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