Acts of Kindness: Pinwheels help girl, 11, raise money for Greenhill Humane Society

Good News Notes:

Greenhill Humane Society‘s second largest fundraiser – Bark in the Park – is this Saturday

But like most things, it has been affected by coronavirus pandemic.

The event is going virtual this year, but their fundraising goals remain high.

And 11-year-old Emma Phipps’ acts of kindness are going a lot further than just a donation toward that goal.

“I wasn’t sure how I was going to fundraise,” she said, “because it’s hard to ask for money right now, even to help people or animals.”

COVID-19 has thrown quite the wrench into any sort of fundraising efforts nationwide.

But even with mask and distance requirements, Emma found a way to raise money – while also spreading kindness

“We decided we would start making pinwheels and selling them with a $7 donation to Greenhill for Park in the Park,” she said.

But it’s more than just a pinwheel: each one has a unique message.

Phipps writes inspiring words on each petal, then attaches a goodie bag, and delivers them – all while keeping her distance.”

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