Tommy Rivers Puzey | #RunWithRivs Fundraiser for Rivers Puzey

Good News Notes:

The running community is coming together to help Tommy Rivers Puzey and his family as he begins his battle with cancer with a fundraising campaign.

Rivers Puzey, a beloved runner and physical therapist based in Flagstaff, Arizona, was hospitalized nearly a month ago with what was initially an undiagnosed respiratory issue (COVID-19 negative). A few weeks later after undergoing a myriad of tests, being put on a ventilator, and having to be airlifted to another hospital, doctors determined he had primary pulmonary NK/T-cell lymphoma, lung cancer.

As medical bills pile up from the various procedures and treatment, including chemotherapy which was started this week, pro runners and friends of Rivers Puzey have united to create the #RunWithRivs campaign to raise money to help the family with these costs.

The virtual fundraiser revolves around movement of any kind— you can run, walk, bike, swim, paddle, or perform any method of movement you prefer to get your miles in. What matters is that you do them during the fundraising window of August 1 and August 9.”

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