Israeli scientist uses microbubbles to explode cancer cells

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An international team of researchers led by an Israeli scientist has developed a noninvasive technology to kill breast cancer cells, an innovation that in the future could perhaps also be used to treat diseases such as brain cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”

“‘Microbubbles are microscopic bubbles filled with gas, with a diameter as small as one-tenth of a blood vessel. At certain frequencies and pressures, soundwaves cause microbubbles to act like balloons: microbubbles expand and shrink periodically, and thus allow an increased transfer of substances from the blood vessel to the surrounding tissue,’ Ilovitsh explained.

‘We discovered that using lower frequencies than those applied before causes microbubbles to expand drastically until they explode. We understood that this discovery can be used as a tumor-treatment platform and started injecting microbubbles into tumors directly.’”

“‘Around 80 percent of tumor cells were killed in the explosion, which is already positive,” Ilovitsh says.  “The targeted treatment, which is safe and cheap, managed to destroy most of the tumor.’

And yet, to prevent the cancer from spreading, the researchers needed to destroy every cancer cell.

‘That is why we injected an immunotherapeutic gene alongside the microbubbles, which acts as a Trojan horse and signals the immune system to attack the cell,’ Ilovitsh said.

This gene that alerts the immune system to attack normally cannot enter cancer cells. Introduced by the exploding microbubbles, it managed to enter the cells that were not killed by the explosion and signal to the body that they were cancerous.”

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