Plane Crash Survivors Share Their Miracle In The Sky

Good News Notes:

A small plane carrying six people crashed near Moon Lake in Duchesne County on Friday, and miraculously, everyone survived. The plane’s pilot spoke to KSL from his hospital room about the crash and what happened for all six people to survive.

Shadrach Field shared that he trained a lot for a worst case scenario, and while that training kicked in, he felt divine intervention’s hand.

‘I absolutely know that God had his hand in this,’ Shadrach Field said. ‘It’s a miracle.’

When you see what’s left of Feild’s Cessna T210M, it’s hard to believe that everyone on board survived.

‘For the terrain that we were in and how it all unfolded, it takes more than a good pilot to get through this,’ he said.

Six people were on board the plane including Feild, his wife Jazlyn, their family friends Betsy and Gentry Mikesell, and their 16-year-old teenage twin sons, Brock and Boston Mikesell.”

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