Denver artists use storefront to promote kindness, create community

Good News Notes:

A colorful storefront is making people stop and take a second look, and that’s exactly what the artists behind this installation want. Posters in the window promote a message of kindness and quote the king of kindness, Mr. Rogers.

‘I was personally very inspired by Fred Rogers, I have been for a long time and after reading some of his writings, I kind of watched onto the idea of kindness and radical honesty and decided to go that direction,’ said K Vuletich, one of the artist involved in the project.

She calls it the ‘Kindness Bodega’ and the idea is to cultivate kindness and community.

‘It seems simple, doesn’t it? But I think sometimes it can be hard, especially when we are alone. We tend to forget how to treat each other with dignity, kindness and compassion but I think now more than ever it’s particularly important,’ said Vuletich.

Vuletich and fellow artist Sarah Espinoza were originally planning to do a completely different art installation but when COVID-19 hit, their plans changed.”

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