Eco-Brand Prana Launches Sustainable Packaging Movement

Good News Notes: 

“We’ve been paying closer attention to our clothes’ environmental impact: practicing sustainable habits by repurposing garments, choosing recycled or eco-friendly materials, and, ultimately, trying to buy less. But, what we don’t consider often enough is the waste that accompanies every purchase we make. As online shopping has evolved from a convenience into a necessity over the past few months, packaging waste has significantly proliferated in tandem. In addition to the boxes, packing material, and polyethylene bags protecting shipments that arrive safely at our doorsteps, there’s also something called ‘hidden plastic,’ explains Rachel Lincoln (Director of Sustainability at eco-friendly lifestyle brand Prana). This includes a host of minuscule throwaway items: hang tags, plastic swift tags, moisture-reducing paper plus plastic liners, silica packets, and teensy-weensy baggies to hold extra buttons, to name just a few. ‘There’s so much hidden waste in your products that you just don’t think about,’ says Lincoln — which is exactly why Prana launched the Responsible Packaging Movement.”

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