Best bro, best friend, best man: Minnesota brothers’ sweet moment goes viral

Good News Notes:

You may have already seen this sweet video of two brothers who call Mankato home.

Will Claussen asked his brother, Henry, to be his best man.

The Claussens say they had no idea the video would get so much attention. On Friday, KEYC News Now reporter Lauren Andrego had the chance to talk to the three people whose special moment has captured the hearts of millions.

‘It was actually an idea I had proposed for AJ’s proposal for before I asked her to be my fiancée. I have two older sisters and shared my idea with them. They liked it, but they were like “maybe you should do something a little more intimate.” But I kept the idea in my back pocket because Henry absolutely loves metal detecting. It’s like his favorite hobby,’ explained Will.

Will says there was never a doubt in his mind that Henry would be his best man.

‘He started getting a little nervous that he wasn’t going to be in the wedding party. Which is kind of what I wanted to build, a little suspense, not just like “hey, you’re a shoe-in.” So once he started to get a little nervous, we planned it out. And we decided to just capture it on the video, so we could share it with our family and friends. And we didn’t know it was going to go viral.'”

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