Family Promise of Greater Phoenix helps homeless children

Good News Notes:

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix is ensuring that the families in their care are ready for learning under any circumstances as the school year begins.

The nonprofit organization rescues primarily first-time homeless families, their pets; helps them return to independence, according to a press release, adding that part of their programming is to ensure that kids stay in school during this challenging period in their lives .

‘Perpetuating a regular routine of attending classes and doing homework can help kids experiencing homelessness feel a sense of normalcy during this scary and uncertain time,’ said Family Promise of Greater Phoenix Executive Director Ted Taylor in a prepared statement.

‘Our goal is to give families the information, technology, and resources they need to make the right decisions for keeping their kids enrolled in school and on the pathway to future success.’

Family Promise received donations from various groups to help children in its care prepare for the new school year including the Arizona Rangers and Dick’s Sporting Goods, which donated pairs of tennis shoes and Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church gave backpacks and school supplies.

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic and remote schooling, the release said Family Promise also secured donations of laptops, purchased desks, and expanded internet access at their day center so that the kids would be able to continue their schooling safely if a family chose to participate in remote schooling.”

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