Senior dog stuck in Woburn pool is saved by quick-thinking Amazon driver

Good News Notes:

An Amazon delivery driver was in Woburn earlier this month making deliveries when he heard a noise coming from a nearby residence that made him pause.

And it was his willingness to investigate, and quick thinking, that would soon save the life of a beloved 14-year-old dog.

John Cassabria, who had recently moved to Lawrence from Connecticut to work at the company’s new Wilmington station, decided to try to find the source of what company officials called an ‘alarming noise’ in an email.

Following the noise to the fence of a home, he saw a dog’s nose just barely above the surface of the water of an in-ground swimming pool, according to an email from the company. Cassabria made the quick decision to jump into the pool. There, he noticed that the dog, a husky he later found out was named Luka, was older. Luka was unable to get out of the pool on his own; he was also tiring from treading water.”

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