Nathan’s Butterflies promotes acts of kindness

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When Ben Cucci, of Apalachin, lost his baby brother Nathan four years ago, he began to look for ways to honor his memory and give back to others.

‘I wanted to do something to remember him,’ said Ben, now 10. ‘I figured we could just help people, make people feel good, give people smiles.’

Only 6 years old at the time, Ben started doing little acts of kindness. He dropped off rolls of quarters in a laundromat, left behind a bucket of beach toys for other children during a family beach vacation in New Jersey, and left lottery tickets and gift cards in random places such as parks or rest stops.

Today, those little acts of kindness have grown into a nonprofit organization founded by Ben, known as Nathan’s Butterflies. The organization promotes acts of kindness and inspires other children to do good works in memory of Nathan.

‘It’s to give kids the opportunity to do kind things,’ Ben said.

It all started in the summer of 2016, when Nathan was born with a rare brain disorder. He lived only nine days.

‘He didn’t get much time to leave his mark on the world,’ said Nathan’s mother, Lauren Cucci.”

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