Lincoln cheerleaders perform random acts of kindness

Good News Notes: 

The middle-school team went on a mission to do more than 400 acts of kindness continuing the momentum of El Paso Strong and honoring the lives of those lost in the tragedy.

Initially, they set out to do 23 acts of kindness (one for each of the people who died during the attack), but their efforts and desire to make a difference grew and each girl did 23 of her own and another 23 as a team.

‘This project promotes El Paso Strong. It is important for us as a community to continue remembering and honoring the Aug. 3 victims. El Paso our community has always been strong and we want to help keep it that way,’ said cheer coach Maggie Ensley. ‘Many El Pasoans are struggling now because we are all usually so active in our culture. The quarantine has hurts us as a community, and the Lincoln Cheerleaders hope that their small acts start a ripple effect throughout their community.’

Cheerleader Rose Miranda enjoyed the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

‘Seeing others happy makes you feel more positive, knowing that you have made their day better just by a little act, and you feel proud of yourself,’ she said.”

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