Natural Delights dates packaged in recycled green plastic

Good News Notes: 

Bard Valley Natural Delights dates brand is starting its new season with distinctive green-tinged packaging, a sign of sustainability, with 7-UP, Perrier and Sprite bottles finding new life.

The Natural Delights brand is using PinnPACK Green packaging, a subsidiary of CarbonLITE Holdings LLC, a recycler of PET beverage containers, according to a news release.

‘Green-colored recycled plastics have been hard to find a home for because they are unconventional,’ David Baxter, Natural Delights brand manager, said in the release. ‘People are used to seeing clear plastic packaging. We’re excited to take this step because it’s best for the environment and we believe for our customers. It means less plastic in the landfill and less use of virgin plastic.’

The green packaging is made from %100 post-consumer recycled materials, according to the release.

The company anticipates production at more than 30 million pounds this season.

‘There was a time when dates were mostly purchased as a holiday treat, but now consumers are using them every day in smoothies, snacks, recipes and for pre- and post-workouts,’ Baxter said in a news release. ‘It‘s the perfect item to cross merchandise with other sections and products at retail because of its many uses.’”

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